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The story behind the project

The story of HATSUYO and the building of the collection is created by SHADOKURU. He has finalized his digital art to create a virtual community, at the same time real, of people linked by the same interests. Japanese art and culture, anime and manga, the digital and futuristic world are in fact the heart of the project. The drawing style of Hatsuyo’s NFTs is typical of Japanese anime, precisely because these are one of the great passions of the creator. The culture and stories of Japan are the basis of the creation of this digital art, but the community will be worldwide.

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The Hatsuyo Story

Hatsuyo is a unique Japanese girl: she is the only human being who can connect to the Metaverse without using any device. It was she who discovered through the Metaverse that there are other parallel universes with as many Hatsuyo endowed with the same powers as her. She also discovered that the Metaverse has unimaginable power and that if it fell into the wrong hands, not only her own, but also the other universes would be annihilated. Here she has gathered all the Hatsuyo to counter the threats against the Metaverse. Hatsuyo are the guardians of the Metaverse, belonging to different universes, but with a single goal.


The Story of Hatsuyo
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Now you can Mint a NFT

The official launch of Hatsuyo is scheduled for the first of December.

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