hatsuyo project

A New NFT Collection

HATSUYO is a new NFT Collection of 5000 unique warriors from Multiverse create to protect the Metaverse and living on the Ethereum Blockchain. These characters are inspired by our love of anime style, manga and Japanese culture and art.

The creator of the collection, SHADOKURU, has finalized his digital art to create a virtual community, at the same time real, of people linked by the same interests. Japanese art and culture, anime and manga, the digital and futuristic world are in fact the heart of the project. People and community members will be at the center of Hatsuyo’s universe. The ultimate goal of the project is to aggregate more and more people who share the same curiosity and passions and form a group of lovers of NFT, Web 3.0 and Digital Art.

hatsuyo story

Hatsuyo is a girl from Japan

Hatsuyo is a unique Japanese girl: she is the only human being who can connect to the Metaverse without using any device. It was she who discovered through the Metaverse that there are other parallel universes with as many Hatsuyo endowed with the same powers as her.

A New NFT Collection
Hatsuyo Roadmap
hatsuyo roadmap

Hatsuyo Roadmap is the core of the Community

Hatsuyo is a new NFT Collection and the Hatsuyoverse is ever growing. As a member of the Community, you will have exclusive access to our apparel, new experiences, live events, and much more.


Only VIP WL and WL members can mint before the official lauch

Follow us on Twitter and on Instagram to become a member of the VIP Whitelist and Whitelist. Follow these simple instructions to mint your NFT and become part of our community!


The Official Launch is coming

The official launch of Hatsuyo is scheduled for the first of December.

Stay connected with us through our Twitter page to discover news and updates about this new NFT Collection before the official Hatsuyo’s release


We want to create something great

Contact our team if you want to take part in the project, if you have any questions to ask us and if you want to create a collaboration with us for any update of the Hatsuyo project